Tuesday, May 24, 2011

She's back...

Hello Friends,

It is nice to be back in the blogging world!  I apologize for being away so long and I hope to make it up to you from this point forward.  So much has happened since last September and I thought it high time I got everyone caught up!

As many of you know, Woody and I moved into our new home last August!  It is everything we could have hoped for and are so thankful to have such a place to call home.  We are truly Blessed!  This past April 1st we celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary with a vow renewal!  It was incredible and I felt like a new Bride all over again.  We thought renewing them at our new home was so appropriate as we begin the next 20 years together.  Woody agreed when we got married to "renew my contract" every 20 years!  I guess that means Lynne gets a new dress and an awesome party every 20 years, huh?!

SEE Pink has seen its changes as well with some comings and goings in the group as well.  Kelly B. has stepped down and is focusing on her husband and two small children.  We are so thankful to her for helping us get the group up and running and wish her absolutely the best of everything!  We have a few new ladies in the group and are hopeful for our future growth.  There is nothing like sitting around with strong and determined women!  They are so amazing and inspirational.  Once you meet them you will never forget them because each one leaves a trail strength, feistiness, laughter, and most of all, hope! 

We were so Blessed during the month of October 2010, to receive donations from some wonderful people!  If you are in the market for a wedding, pictures, or catering, then you MUST go to www.clarksvillebrides.com!  There are some amazing local vendors on that site.  Through them we have been able to provide meals to those in need, have some great SEE Pink Girls' Nights for some incredible women who have braved so much to kick cancer's butt!  We are stretching those funds so that we can make the most of them.

It is our intent to reach as many people as possible to share with them the importance of early detection.  If you or someone you know would like to have one of our ladies speak to someone or to a group, please let us know.  We are more than happy to share our stories.  We are also able to provide material with valuable breast cancer information.  Please feel free to email us at seepink2@gmail.com.

Have a Blessed week and please don't forget to pause this Memorial Day and think of those who paid the ultimate price for our freedom!