Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Oh good gravy biscuits (how's that for some southern talking?)!!! It's been since May since I've updated?!? Seriously??? That's crazy. I don't even know where the time has really gone except that I have had 2 toddlers at home all summer long and have been traveling a decent amount, and have had surgery (again), and get weekly injections that leave me in pain for 3 days...but besides that, where has the time gone?!?
So we are fully back into the swing of things now that school has started back. We have an amazing fall schedule lined up for our group and really want to encourage all our girls to invite their friends/family to our educational meeting in September. Dr Steely, who is one of Clarksville's finest surgeons is coming to speak about breast cancer, early detection, etc... We all know that there are some friends of ours who NEED to hear this and we need to be reminded of all of it. Just because we are survivors doesn't excuse us from doing self-exams and having regular check-ups. I believe the date of that is 9/24.
Now, for this month, our meeting tomorrow is a girls' night out. We are getting together at Lynne's house and just having fun! They have just built an amazingly beautiful new home with an equally amazing outdoor kitchen. We are going to hopefully just sit out there and relax, laugh (as usual), and partake in some good food and maybe a glass of wine or two.
OK - we'll catch up tomorrow at our get together. For now, I must go get my 2 year old out of his room...he's somehow locked himself in there and is screaming at me to "come git me, mama, come help me!"